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                  What is Giweoliatimah Christian Book Shop And More?

Giweoliatimah Christian Book Shop and More Is: One Stop UK Online Christian Store that provides warm, comfort, peace, joy and the presence of God to you away from your Home or Home church through our customer services and products.

 What do we do?
We're here to serve you with Christian resources for growth, development, fellowship, social, celebration, appeal and decoration need.
We are empowered by God Almighty to provide inspire, faith filled, love filled, hope filled high unique quality Christian items for a healthy balance christian life.
Examples of unique and well received branded products are Christian Art Gifts, DaySpring Gifts, Greeting Cards, Bibles, Bible Bags, Books, Devotionals, DVDS, Music, Church/Group Resources, Church Gifts, Sunday School Children Learning Resources, Home Decoration and much more.

Who are we?
We're your co believers and workers in the kingdom of God our Father sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to each other , to you and the world!

What do we believe in?
       We believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, our God, our Savior and the God and Savior of the world 
                     We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is what we need and the world need for a hope now and for the future
We believe that our products are filled with the gospel of reconciliation and hope to meet our needs and the needs of the world
Our Faith is in God at the start and the end of everything we do and we have Trust in the Lord to help us and you be closer to our Father's word inside out.
Did Not find what you are looking for?
Please if you did not find what you are looking for on the website kindly contact us on +447566214728/+441173290677 or send us a email at: giweolatimah@gmail.com, we will be happy to help you.

Thank you for being part of our service to us, to you and to the world through God.
God bless you!

Remember Beloved: Take Joy In What You Have & Share With God's Joy in you!

We're A One Stop UK Online Christian Gifts & Books Store Home Away From Home / Home Church!

We Provide High Unique Quality Christian Gifts, Christian Art Gifts, DaySpring Gifts, Greeting Cards, Bibles, Bible Bags, Books, DVDS, Music, Church  Group Resources, Sunday School Children Learning Resources, Home Decoration and much more.. all at a reasonable prices.




Email: info@giweoliatimah.com

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