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Bible Case: Amazing Grace (M)

Bible Case: Amazing Grace (M)

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DescriptionThis ruggedly designed tan canvas Bible cover wonderfully reminds you, your son, husband, or uncle of how amazing the Lord’s grace is. It features the text of the beloved hymn, “Amazing grace how sweet the sound,” on the bottom of the Amazing Grace Tan Canvas Bible Cover. Whether he’s heading to church, class, or Bible study, he will be able to protect his Bible with this Christian Bible cover. It will keep his Bible from getting wet or muddy, and also keep all his important notes, pens, pencils, and study materials together in one place.

The Amazing Grace Bible Cover is made of a tan, heavy-duty canvas fabric and features a leather zipper pull, leather accents, an inside pen holder, and front slip pocket for keeping key items safe and protected while on the go.

When purchasing a Bible cover, actually measure your Bible. Your Bible measurements should be equal to or less than the measurements for each cover. 
Bible Cover Sizes:
Medium: 6 5/8” (W) x 9 5/8” (H) x 1 3/4” (Spine)
Large: 7” (W) x 10 1/8” (H) x 1 7/8” (Spine)

  • Heavy-duty Canvas Fabric
  • PU Leather Accents
  • Front Slip Pocket
  • Leather Zipper Pull
  • Inside Pen Holder
  • Self-seal Bag Packaging
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