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For a Godparent : Pack of 20

For a Godparent : Pack of 20

SKU: CLCGL: 9780281046089

Avialable on the 17th May 2022


For welcoming Godparents into community, These cards offer what it means to be a Godparent Ideal for ceremonies and personal use.


This pack provides 20 cards outlining the duties of Godparents, along with a record of the baptism.


The greeting on the inside of the card (right side) reads:


A Greeting and a Blessing:


for [..............]


at the baptism of your Godchild


on [..............]


at [..............]


May God bless you and guide you and give you all the help you need to fulfil this trust.


On the left hand side of the card the duties of Godparents are outlined.

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