Jennifer Gerelds - Morning & Evening Promises - Devotional Flip Book

Jennifer Gerelds - Morning & Evening Promises - Devotional Flip Book

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How would your life change if you started and ended each day resting in God’s presence? Morning & Evening Promises offers 90 refreshing morning devotions to start your day knowing that you are loved, and 90 peaceful evening devotions to end your day knowing that God is always caring for you, even while you sleep. Perfect for your nightstand, Morning & Evening Promises slows down the morning rush and eases your restless mind at nighttime with heartfelt devotions reminding you to relax and enjoy God’s perfect peace.

Front Cover:
Morning Promises
90 Devotions to Start the Day Knowing You Are Loved
Jennifer Gerelds

Back Cover:
Evening Promises
90 Devotions to End the Day Well
Jennifer Gerelds

Sample copy:
Good Morning, Sunshine
For you that honor My name, victory will shine like the sun with healing in its rays.
Malachi 4:2 CEV

You had hopes of sleeping in this Saturday after a long week at work. The sun isn't even up, though, when you feel the bedsheets ruffle. Soon, you feel two little hands patting your arm. "Lift me up!" your young child whispers in the dark. Trying to stay as asleep as possible, you reach over and pull your little guy up next to you. He snuggles in under the covers, his warm, small body now breathing in sync with your own. As he drifts off to sleep, you have plans to do the same, but suddenly it hits you: this is a sacred moment of amazing grace. Though the sun still hides below the horizon, an even greater light has risen in your heart.

Jennifer Gerelds Morning & Evening Promises
Devotional flip-book
Size: 5" x 7"
384 full color pages
Soft touch hardcover
Cover features spot uv and debossing
ISBN-13: 9781684086221
ISBN-10: 1684086221
Published by DaySpring