The Mind Connection Action Plan
by Joyce Meyer

The Mind Connection Action Plan by Joyce Meyer

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"Our thoughts affect everything! They influence the words we speak, our moods and attitudes, the decisions we make, and even the quality of our relationships. In this series, Joyce teaches how you can learn to renew your mind with God’s Word and begin to think like He thinks…starting a chain reaction that will transform every single area of your life.

In these four teachings, you’ll discover:

Ways to combat stress and anxiety and “Trust the Lord with all your heart and mind” (see Proverbs 3:5)

How to get “rooted in Christ” and see yourself the way God sees you

The key to enjoying life regardless of your circumstances

How your thoughts affect your emotional and physical health

How to choose thoughts that cultivate healthy relationships

Are you ready for lasting change? It is possible, and it all begins with your thinking. Because when you choose positive, faith-filled thoughts from God’s Word, it brings transformation into every area…and improves your life in amazing ways.

This study kit includes 4 teachings by Joyce and a personal study guide."

Features & Details
Product Format: CD, DVD, Paperback
Publisher: Joyce Meyer Ministries
Language: English
Author: Joyce Meyer
Audio Run Time: 3 Hours, 39 Minutes
Includes: 4 Audio & Same 4 Video Teachings, Personal Study Guide

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